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Hidaka blog entry translation.

I tried my best! Hopefully this is alright. There may be slight mistakes ^^;;.

Three days                                          2011年01月03日

Happy new years!
This is Hidaka.

Yoroshiku again, this year! (I felt please take care of me, look after me…didn’t really work so I left yoroshiku as itself)

So in our society, since its three days until today, there’s many people who are still in the New Year’s holiday mood…

I ‘thought’ I was really switching myself to work since yesterday but…
While working on something, I got addicted to this game called minesweeper and I kept eliminating bombs…
It’s New Years!! What kind of person am I for being happy and upset over a very tiny game and being extremely tired instead of resting…!!

Everyone else, I hope you rest, work, play, and wonderfully enjoy the atmosphere that only exists in New Years-!!
2011 already started!!

Hm, the exclamation mark and “1” looks alike.
“20!!” looks like 2011.
“20!!” it looks like it’s filled with energy!

Let’s go with force!
So, New Years Eve seems like it’s already been a while ago but…New Years Eve means Kouhaku!
At Kouhaku, because I was stubborn, I really wanted to do a ‘Kouhaku ver.’ Rap and I arranged it but…
…Which one should I do live…
…I’m struggling! Well why not change it even more then!

…Well, I’ll show a little bit of the off shots from Kouhaku…

*Misako and Hidaka pic*

This is Ueno san.
It’s a nice picture. They look like they get along (He made it sound like if he was looking at the pic in the 3rd point of view).

So for this one…

*Nissy and Hidaka pic*

Nishijima san.

…He’s on me soo much!
…He’s on me to the point that the clothes would be wrinkled!

…Ueno took the picture and her strap is in the picture!
…Hm-…All over the place!!

It felt like that.

It’s alright to be all over the place so let’s go with aggressiveness!
I wish on my own that our lives and everyone else’s lives will jump up well for 2011!
Hope we can jump up!
Just like the rabbit!

Sounding like pyon pyon!


Translation #1: Uno Misako's blog entry.

So I will post translations on this blog.
If any of you want to request me a translation (If you find this journal),
just send me a message!

Here is a request~<3

Uno Misako's entry from:

I went to go see. 2010年11月24日


Nishijima kun
Your cool roles have
touched me (Closest way of translating for me)
but, those sad scenes you acted
with your whole body
made me touched as well.

The new Nissy
the Nissy I wanted to see
I got to see them both.

Memoing φ(.. )

Also for me
Janurary of next year
at the same Aoyama theatre
I’ll be participating in Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

This made me stimulated
and from now
this made me even more excited!

until the last performance of this play,
be careful not to get injured and fight!

And after that
with Hidaka kun

we were allowed to be on Recomen!
which is a Bunka housou san’s live airing.
(I changed the sentence order here to make it flow better)

It was with KTarou san
and the two from Ujikouji☆

It was so fun!!
I laughed so much!!

This is my favorite show
since it’s so warm and funny.
(I flipped the sentence here too)

the day was very fulfilling
so I’m grateful (^_-)-☆

Also for tomorrow
I wish it’ll be a nice day♪♪♪

Uno Misako

Translation credits: Very_Pinku
Please ask me for permission if you want to share this with anyone else ^^.



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